Questions and Reflections On Paint From Exploring In Group Collaborative Inquiry

We have done it! I believe and my group believes that we have learned a lot about pedagogical documentation, inquiry and the process needed to guide and follow thoughts and processes in order to learn how to learn.  Brittany, Caitlyn and I have focused on exploring paint these past five weeks.  Week one we were lost, confused and had a lot of anxiety as to what we were doing.  Our idea was to create a product, that the goal was to have an end product, to focus on creating something. We now know that that is wrong and not necessary.  The point or thought behind inquiry based learning is not the end product but the process and the discoveries. Week two we explored movement and what paint can do physically, it flows, it mixes, it feels cold! etc. this is the week the “lightbulb” went on. Week three we were getting our hands dirty, dropping paint onto paper on the ground, what noises can we hear? we spilled vinegar water on paint and all of a sudden… woah! the paint reacted to the vinegar! Week 4 we’re bringing soap, oil, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, borax etc. what happens if we mix paint with this material etc. what will happen?  Week 5 we’re excited to share our discoveries and learning with our peers.

It took us awhile for us to get out of our “adult student shells” and remember what it is like to be curious and interested without exact guidance. Creating our exhibits it was interesting how easy it was for us to choose our key ideas and inquiries to share with the class.  We decided to show our ideas of movement and how different paint colours with tempera paint refuse to flow or mix into each other. It is us that must physically mix the paint together. The second idea we shared was our inquiries on paint and metamorphosis.  Our discoveries of taking different materials such as soap, borax, vinegar and mixing it with paint.  The paint reacted in so many different ways! little did we know at the time that we we’re basically involved in a science class and learning about chemical reactions, the difference between a solid and a liquid etc.

It was definitely a learning curve these past weeks but I feel that the class as a collective has learned a great deal about inquiry and discovery through doing it ourselves.

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