Week Two Discoveries: Paint and Movement.

The first week of class I was anxious as to how I was going to do the visual journal and the blog. My group has chosen to explore paint and work and document our discoveries with paint. We were completely lost and took the inspiration questions too precise. We were painting literal images on how paint was cultural, a part of our lives, in our class etc. instead of discussing these ideas through exploration. I was nervous coming into week two still not understanding what our group was going to do. Our TA for the course came over and saw we were just staring at the pots of paints with no idea where to begin. She said “Hey, look at this” and held up the paint brush and drops of paint began to drip from the end of the brush, “Why don’t you capture this moment” so I did get a photo of it. Then my group member Caitlyn noticed drops of paint farther away from the paper are bigger then drops of paint closer to the paper. We knew what to do! Will look at movement and paint!

From this small observation of watching paint drop from a paintbrush we spiraled into an hour of looking and exploring paint and movement. As we continued more and more questions came up and discoveries were made. For example, I discovered paint does not blend on its own instead you have to mix it yourself for the colour to change. I explored this further by pouring different colours of paint onto a white piece of paper then I picked the paper up with my hands and turned the page over and over. I noticed tempera paint would rather flow in lines then merged and mixed into one another. I want to try this with other paints like watercolour or oil paints and see if they too will flow in lines or would rather blend and mix into one another.

Another observation we made was blowing air onto a drop of yellow and blue paint. It flowed and created ripples like water. We captured this on a video and noticed that the yellow and blue mixed into one another to create green. It was very interesting. Again, The paint will not mix together until we force it to blend.

Through Stengers concept of “ecology of practice” and discussions in class it has become clear to me not to be afraid of the unknown and be open to experiencing discoveries in class. I like the idea of thinking and exploring rather then following a recipe.

Week two has become the week where the light bulb has turned on and my group has become excited and engaged with working with paint. Next we plan to explore paint and soap, paint and shade colours as well as what happens when we try exploring with a variety of different types of paint.


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